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The Sustainable Energy Utility - A new Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) has been developed that will help pave the way for our transition to the new green economy. Dr. John Byrne, Director of UD's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, is a principal developer of this initiative. National recognition of the SEU was acknowledged by John Podesta from the Center for American Progress (former chief of staff for the Clinton Administration) who cited it as a showcase model to lead the country in achieving a clean energy economy and a growing green workforce.

The SEU, designed in large part by Professor John Byrne, Director of CEEP, is an innovative model which is designed to serve the sustainable energy needs of all households and businesses. As a non-profit, the SEU provides a comprehensive package of sustainable energy services that includes high efficiency technologies and appliances, expansion of weatherization services, and implementation of customer-sited renewable energy such as rooftop photovoltaic systems. The SEU has been described as “perhaps the most comprehensive energy savings and distributed renewables program in the United States” by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The SEU has been internationally recognized as well. The April 2009 special issue of The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society is devoted to implementation of the SEU in Asia, Africa and Europe. Currently, the cities of Daegu and Seoul, South Korea and the nation of Bermuda are pursuing its establishment.

The first state level SEU was established by the Delaware State legislature in 2007. The mission of the SEU is to deliver affordable efficiency and renewable services along with significant reductions in CO2 emissions. In Delaware, the SEU is projected to reduce the state’s emissions by 5.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2020, or 33% of the State’s current carbon footprint. The first urban SEU was created by Washington, D.C. in 2008. Since then, Philadelphia Mayor Nutter has cited the SEU as “a great idea” that his city can utilize for “engaging in the needed changes at all levels of government” and in support of Green Jobs and an “Earth-friendly approach to sustainability.”

Read about Philadephia Mayor Nutter's visit March 12, 2009 Trabant Center, UD

Many actions will be needed to address the problem of global warming,” Dr. Byrne notes. In this effort, “the SEU can be an important tool”.

America's Energy Future

This title is part of America's Energy Future project, which examines the role of energy in long-term U.S. economic vitality, national security, and climate change.